GlowROM Flash Programmer T48

I updated my IC programmer from the TL866II plus to the T48 and needed a new way to program the FlashROM’s that I have for the AMIGA . Some are of my own design , and others that I have bought in the past .

The adapter for the flash chips is the ADP-F48-EX-1, which has a chip on it that identifies the adapter . I did contact XGECU a while ago about getting some of these chips , but have had no reply whatsoever .

So I preceeded to reverse engineer the adapter , to create my own .

Parts that are needed are :-

2 x 20 pin header strip

2 x 21pin turned socket strip

5 pin 90 degree header strip

20cm 16 way idc ( ribbon ) cable

90 degree 16 pin IDC plug housing ( pcb mount )

1 x ADP-F48-EX-1 T48 adapter

1 x GlowROM Flash programmer T48 pcb

5 dupont socket to socket leads

You need to extend the 16 way IDC cable .

The 8 pin chip , resistor and capacitor need to be transfered from the ADP-F48-EX-1 T48 adapter to the GlowromFlash Programmer board . This will make the T48 think that the correct adapter is in the socket .

There are two pin one markings , one for the 40 pin Rom’s and one for the 42 pin Rom’s .

And that is it programming A GlowROM Flash .

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2 Responses to GlowROM Flash Programmer T48

  1. Dennis says:

    Ohh I’m just going throught a simiar process, I’ve re-mixed a flash rom to break out A17 because the A1200 splits the 512k rom across 2 chips I should be able to squeeze 4 roms onto a pair of 29f800 (1M).
    I can pre-flash the chips before soldering but I really need a way to re-flash with a T48 – looks like you have done exactley whats needed – would you be willing to share your pcb so I can order one?

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