About me



Born in 1964 i have been playing with electronics since the age of twelve. Built my own ZX80 in 1980 and moved on to the ZX81 in 1981. From there i went on to the spectrum 48k while playing and programming with my friend on his Dragon 32 . Next in line and the best of the 8 bits the C64 where i learned to hack and program in machine code . My only real way to go from the C64 was on to the Commodore AMIGA , the computer i have had the most fun with . Currently playing with FPGA , Arduino and RaspberryPi’s

Started my qualifications at Milton Keynes Skill Center with City and Guilds 224 part 1 , part 2 , and 2 x Part 3 . An ONC course at COLEG POWYS in Newtown in Wales.


Favourite computer: Commodore 64


Favourite take-away : Chinese


Favourite drink: Coffee 


unrelated hobby : Fishing